About Us

Wealthprep is a website dedicated to financial preparation and planning. Our goal is to help people make smarter financial decisions. We offer several financial planning tools and guides along with a searchable database of financial advisors. Our mission is to provide a place where the average individual can find the necessary resources to become financially stable. We are privately run and independent from any major financial institution.

Financial Education

Wealthprep tools and guides are used to asses your current financial situation, make room for improvements, and plan for the future. It is our belief that the road to financial stability and well being goes beyond simply passing the responsibility to someone else. That the more an individual can learn about how their finances work, the better discussions they can have with their financial advisor about finding the best solutions for them.

Find an Advisor

The advisor directory is setup so you can easily find an advisor in your area suited to specific financial needs. Along with geographic location, you can filter your results by profession type, compensation, specialty, and language. You can find out even more about an advisor by viewing their profile, including independent ratings and reviews. Trust and transparency are important measures to take when choosing the right financial advisor, and we take these issues seriously. Our trusted and verified badges linked to advisor accounts are in place to add an extra level of credibility to your search. Verified badges signify that an advisor has updated their listing information and participates in the Wealthprep community. Trusted badges are a step further, in that the advisors' credentials and history of conduct are checked by an unbiased third party to verify accuracy and compliance.