Advisor Information

Wealthprep is an online resource of financial advice. We help people make smarter financial decisions through tools, guides, and an interactive forum. When an individual needs additional help with their finances, we connect them with a qualified advisor in their area. Advisors can build a custom profile that details their professional information and expertise. Advisors can also participate in the Q&A section and Education Center by answering questions and writing articles.

How To Increase Your Online Presence

Creating a profile and filling out your professional information is the first step to take in order to show up in relevant search results. Users can filter for results based on profession type, specialty, compensation, and language. If these filters are not filled out on your profile, then you will show up less frequent to prospective clients.

Once a profile is setup, the next thing to consider is participating in the Q&A section. This is where you can engage potential clients by answering questions and writing general articles. Activity here will increase your reputation and accountability similar to the function of a public appearance, but it also generates links to your profile which will increase your authority on search engines like Google.

Trusted Profiles

There are three different types of profiles that exist in our database:

  • 1) Unclaimed - The information on these profiles were gathered from across the web and inputted into our database. You can search to see if you already exist as an unclaimed profile before you create a new one. You canthen claim your profile by clicking on the "Claim Profile" link seen on the profile page. There is a verification process from there with quick turnaround time.
  • 2) Verified - If you create a profile or claim one, your account will immediately carry a verified badge. Your search results will have more authority in our database and you will be able to participate in the WealthPrep community.
  • 3) Trusted - This is the highest authority you can gain in our database. A trusted a badge will show up beside your profile and you will gain access to additional features such as premium listings at the end of tools (Ex, Budget Calculator), access to promote yourself by writing articles in the Education Center, and contact methods on your profile such as links to your website, social accounts, and telephone number.

You can test out the upgraded Trusted Account free for 1 month here

For more information on how this works please feel free to send us an email at