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1) Acceptance of Agreement

By using this site you are obliged to follow the terms and conditions outlined in this document. If you are in disagreement with any conditions outlined, do not access the site (WealthPrep).  WealthPrep holds the rights to alter any conditions on the site at any time, with sole discretion.

2) Intellectual Property

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3) Purposes of the Site

The site is for informational purposes only.  For more appropriate advice contact a financial professional.  Before making any financial decisions due to content or media displayed on the site, consult with a trusted financial professional. 

4) Limitation of Liability

In no event will WealthPrep be liable to you for any issues with the use of the site.  This includes issues that WealthPrep is notified and aware of. WealthPrep does not warrant that every function of the site will be error-free and fully working.

5) External Links

WealthPrep provides the right to add a hyperlink to a given site if subscribed as a trusted advisor. If it comes aware that the link provided is in anyways derogatory, misleading, illegal, or inappropriate WealthPrep has the rights to revoke the link that was provided.

6) Governing Law

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