Financial Tools

Manage Your Debt

Find out how long it will take to pay off your debt with our debt amortization calculator. It includes how much each monthly payment will be and the amount of interest that will be charged over the duration of the loan.

Investing Tool - Calculate Expected Returns

Find out how much your investment is expected to grow with our compound interest calculator. You will be able to calculate based on the length, compound period, initial and periodic investment amounts.

Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Learn how much house you can afford by calculating your required mortgage payments. The tool includes variables for insurance and land tax. You can also experiment with different amortization terms, down payments, and rates. Options for renewal and refinancing are included as well.

Budget Calculator

Gain insight into your budget by breaking down your income and expenses by line item. Analyze how much you spend on what, and how often. This will help in comparing your expenses and evaluating what you should be spending your money on.

Baby Expenses Tool - Calculate First Year Costs

Find out how much a new addition to the family will cost you in the first year. It will also split expenses into spending categories so you know how much money you are allocating to specific things like clothing or feeding.